When I was sixteen, I found myself on these steps at the end of the worst year of my life, watching the buses rumble in and out like ornery livestock. And for the first time in a long time, I felt a very simple sort of joy. Something good could happen. I could be okay. The sky was very blue and there was a boy asleep on a blanket beneath the trees, and I was content in a way you can maybe only be when you’re sixteen, like I’d stumbled upon previously unconquered territory. Ah, of course. This is the happiness everyone spends their life looking for.

And so I came back the next year. And I stayed.

I know now that this combination of youth and far-from-home and sun-between-the-trees can be found a million times over at any given moment. But still, when I see a seventeen year old with a nervous parent and a telltale yellow folder, I want to take them by the hand and tell them “you’re here”. Tell them the winters are long and the nearest movie theater is twenty minutes out, but there’s a set of stone steps where you can shake off sadness and watch the buses yawn.

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