I was four for most of 1997, but it’s pretty much always been weird for a librarian to hang out with sixteen year olds during their free period, right? I get that Sunnydale is a magical place where everyone is conveniently oblivious to what’s happening around them but come¬†on.¬†

  1. ohlivyuhuxtable said: haha this is not the thing to be hung up on but omggg season 1 buffy forever. you’re doing a good thing.
  2. thirdheat said: At 16, I used to hang out in my vice principal’s office singing show tunes, so it never really struck me as odd. I may not be the best person to ask, though.
  3. witch-boots said: omg you were FOUR
  4. grumpyandgorgeous said: you are making me feel so goddamn old. and i was only eight BUT STILL.
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